FDNY has changed the process to help streamline requesting your initial fire alarm inspection.

New online process for scheduling inspections

FDNY fire alarm inspections can now be requested online through the FDNY business portal. Inspections can be requested by a licensed architect or engineer, licensed electrician, expeditor of the building owner provided they have an account on the business portal. 


What is required to request an initial inspection? 

New buildings require the following to be submitted to request an inspection date. 

  • Registration of Central Station-Monitored Fire Alarm Systems identifying the terminal assignment number(s) (FormTB-60) for new system only – one (1) copy.
  • Request for Inspection Date (Form B-45) – three (3) copies required.
  • “As-built” riser diagram (11”x17”) – one (1) set.
  • Electrician’s Sign-off (Form A-433, signed and sealed) – original, one (1).
  • Plan Examination (Form TM-1) – original, one (1).
  • The Department of Buildings Plan/Work Application (Form PW-1) – original, one (1), (if applicable).

If the fire alarm plans were approved before May 22, 2020, the following must be submitted: 

  • Original approved plans sized 11”x17” and 24”x 36” (one of each).

If the fire alarm plans were approved after May 22, 2020, the following must be submitted:: 

  • Letter of Acceptance from FDNY Business.
  • Legibly printed accepted FDNY Business plan 11”x17” and 24” x 36” (one of each, from electronic submission).

To schedule re-inspections, the above information is not required unless otherwise noted on the Notice of Defect.

For more information, see this guide issued by the FDNY. 


How can Banksia help get your fire alarm system approved?

Banksia schedules fire alarm inspections for our clients as part of our fire alarm expediting and approvals services. We will take the following actions to prepare our clients’ buildings for FDNY inspection: 

  1. We work with your contractors to make sure your fire alarm system is clear of troubles and operating at 100%.
  2. We survey the field conditions to verify that the system was installed according to the approved plans. We will also verify if architectural changes were made in the field that would affect the code compliance of the fire alarm installation. 
  3. We will review FDNY-required documents prepared by your project team to make sure they are complete and ready for submittal:
  • TB-60 
  • Executed central station contract 
  • Signed and sealed A-433
  • Signed and sealed as-built drawings
  • Completed B-45 to request for inspection
  1. We will perform a pretest of the entire fire alarm system with the required trades. We help you understand which trades need to attend and what we will be testing. 
  • Sprinkler contractor to test connected equipment to the fire alarm.
  • Elevator contractor to test connected equipment such as shaft detectors and elevator recall.
  • Electrical contractor who performed the install to perform functional testing and describe the installation.
  • Fire alarm vendor to perform functional testing. 
  • If your building has other equipment connected to the fire alarm such as generator, security system, fire pump, etc. 
  1. Once the system has been pretested, we request your FDNY inspection by submitting a B-45 request for inspection. 
  2. At the FDNY inspection, we make sure your project team has the following for the FDNY: 
  • Required trades onsite with equipment ready to test. 
  • Copies of all documents used to request inspection onsite. 
  • Two-way radios capable of communicating anywhere throughout the building.
  • Central station active and available to test signals.
  1. We act as liaison to the FDNY inspector explaining the site conditions, design and functions of the newly installed system helping streamline the inspection.

Contact us for more information. 


About Banksia

Banksia is a fire protection and life safety consulting firm located in New York City. We work with clients in commercial real estate, energy, industrial, residential, science, and more to create spaces that meet their goals — and meet all compliance requirements.

Peter Linden

About Peter Linden

Peter brings over 20 years of experience in fire alarm design, installation, service, and consulting. He has many years of operations and construction management. Peter has managed installation projects in all sectors including institutional facilities, high rise commercial, and residential buildings. Peter is certified NICET Level 4 in fire alarm systems, project management professional (PMP), and licensed in the State of New York to service and install fire alarm systems.