Panel locations play an important part of FDNY response, what you need to know before filing your relocation.

Why is this important?

Code requirements for panel locations have changed over the years, if you are relocating a fire alarm panel installed under a prior code it is important to understand acceptable locations. 

Where are acceptable locations for a relocated fire alarm panel? 

Fire alarm panels can be relocated within the proximity of related systems including purge and elevator control panels typically in the lobby. The following should be verified and confirmed to be code compliant.

  • 120-volt power to the panel is not extended or spliced, if the power is altered it should be supplied with a new power source according to the latest electrical code.
  • No programming modifications shall made to the sequence of operations 

More information can be found in Building Bulletin 2015-025.  

What is the process to relocate my fire alarm control panel?

A licensed professional engineer must design and submit the relocation for approval to the FDNY. Once the design is approved by FDNY, your installation team can relocate the panel according to the approved plans and upon completion call for FDNY inspection. 

How can Banksia help?

If designed and correctly installed, panel relocations do not trigger compliance with the 2014 Building Code requirements, except where specified above. At Banksia, we review the relocation plans to verify code compliance and ensure the fire alarm plans are correct. During the installation phase, we survey and pre-test the system to make sure it is fully functional and is installed according to the approved plans. During FDNY inspection, Banksia works with the FDNY to review and explain the new and existing conditions of the system. 

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