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Fire protection services and life safety consulting with our fire protection engineering team.

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We offer fire protection services that enable you to achieve approval for occupancy in an inspiring and productive space

Our experienced team of fire protection engineering experts use a holistic approach to fire safety. In addition to ensuring a smooth approvals process with the authorities having jurisdiction, we keep an eye on the bigger picture so you have a space you can thrive in.

Code consulting
We minimize objections and create a streamlined review process for fire code compliance, building code interpretation and determination, modular construction fire consulting, industrial battery storage energy systems, hazardous material regulations, and mass timber construction and consulting.

Performance-based design
We offer creative solutions to enable your design goals, including developing alternative means and methods and getting them approved. We use innovative computational modeling processes for atrium rational analysis for smoke control, stair pressurization rational analysis, cantilever building fire engineering analysis and peer review, and smoke-protected seating life safety evaluation.

Resilience and emergency preparedness
To keep your people and assets safe from natural or man-made hazards, we develop fire safety plans, fire protection plans, and emergency action plans for fire, extreme weather events, earthquakes, suspicious packages, bomb threats, active shooter, nuclear threat, biological hazard, and more.

Fire alarm services
During design and construction, we offer expertise to minimize objections and defects relating to fire alarm plan review and FDNY fire alarm inspections. We ensure that fire alarm plans meet applicable codes and FDNY requirements, and we reduce construction costs by identifying over-designed or uncoordinated fire alarm systems.

Special inspections
Whether you have a new construction project or an alteration, we help you occupy your space on schedule by conducting special inspections for sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, sprayed fire-resistant materials, mastic and intumescent fire-resistant coatings, fire-resistant penetrations and joints, and smoke control and kitchen exhaust systems.

Our experience in fire protection engineering spans industries

We provide code analysis and fire safety strategies for passenger terminals, air traffic control towers, ground transportation centers, parking garages, automated people movers, air trains, and other rail connections.

Commercial real estate
We provide owners, developers, and tenants with code compliance, inspections, and approvals services for new construction, renovations, repositioning and tenant improvements.

We enable renovation and adaptive reuse of historic and culturally important buildings while preserving their heritage with thoughtful solutions.

We provide code analysis, fire risk assessment, and peer reviews for battery energy storage systems, hydrogen fuel cells, and photovoltaic solar installations to ensure compliance with applicable codes and fire department requirements.

We ensure designs comply with applicable codes and hotel brand standards, and provide inspections of fire protection systems on behalf of hotel brands as an approved third-party inspector.

For warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial buildings, we ensure code compliance including advising on fire department access, high-piled storage, conveying systems, hazardous materials, and process requirements.

We provide code consulting for tall buildings and mixed-use developments, and offer cantilevered building fire analysis for air rights developments.

We review science facilities for compliance with the maximum allowable quantities for hazardous materials to ensure lab fire safety and optimize the lab program to meet code.

We provide code analysis, egress analysis, fire and evacuation modeling, and performance-based design for transit-oriented developments, rail stations, rail overbuilds, highway overbuilds, airports, and other infrastructure projects.

Banksia’s wealth of knowledge and experience has been pivotal in developing our fire protection systems, obtaining regulatory approval and maintaining code compliance.

— Joel Mermoud, Head of Fire Protection
Assembly OSM

4 steps that ensure the success of your project

Whether you need a plan review to ensure code compliance, a performance-based solution to enable a design feature, or a fire alarm affidavit to get your temporary certificate of occupancy, you can count on our service.

We get to know our clients’ pain points so we can develop solutions that meet their needs.

We deliver better buildings and minimize objections through our holistic approach to fire safety and code compliance.

We assist owners to obtain the necessary fire alarm and life safety approvals by working with the contractor and FDNY through the entire process.

Whether we’re involved in design, construction, troubleshooting, or any combination of these areas, we offer proactive solutions to complex problems.

Your journey to creating a safe and resilient organization begins with Banksia

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