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Code Consulting

We minimize objections and reduce the duration for review by ensuring your design meets all fire/life safety requirements. Our team has a deep understanding of code intent as a result of our participation in code development committees on a local and national level.

Building and fire code compliance
Our building and fire code consultants ensure fire safety and life safety from the early design phases through to construction and close out. We provide code analysis reports, occupant load calculations, plan reviews, life safety drawings, and code interpretation. We also work closely with our partners at the building and fire departments to clarify code items as they arise.

Alternate means & methods
When prescriptive code requirements are constraining your design goals, we can assist by developing performance-based design solutions and liaising with the authorities having jurisdiction to gain approvals.

Battery energy storage systems
We provide permitting, code compliance, and fire risk assessment services for battery energy storage systems. This includes Fire Code and NFPA 855 compliance as well as review of UL9540A fire testing for site-specific installations. We also provide licensed peer review of battery energy storage systems as required in New York City.

Photovoltaic solar systems
We provide permitting, building, and fire code compliance services for solar installations including ensuring compliant access for firefighters and working with the Fire Department where an installation deviates from the Fire Code.

Modular construction fire consulting
We work with modular manufacturers, developers, and architects to develop fire-rated assemblies, guide fire testing, provide engineering judgments, develop alternative means & method requests, and provide overall code compliance services.

Mass timber construction consulting
We provide code compliance and fire safety consulting for mass timber construction buildings. This includes new construction using glulam and cross-laminated timber (CLT) as well as adaptive reuse of existing heavy timber buildings built to prior codes. We provide code analysis and develop fire rated assemblies, structural connections, firestop systems, and guide fire testing as needed. To facilitate a smooth approvals process, we assist our clients in discussing mass timber projects with fire and building officials.

Hazardous material storage requirements consulting
For warehouses, logistics operations, scientific labs, and related commercial buildings, we review hazardous material storage requirements, conduct process hazard analysis, ensure the building meets hazardous materials regulations, and follows flammable liquid storage rules.

Accessibility and inclusive design consulting
Our accessibility consultants ensure the design meets ADA compliance and local requirements to the maximum extent practicable to provide safe, equitable, and inclusive spaces.

Performance-Based Design

Today’s built environment and construction projects use creative design elements that don’t always meet the prescriptive code requirements. We offer innovative solutions that help you create the space you need while ensuring it is safe and compliant. Using engineering analysis, computational modeling, evacuation modeling, precedence, and more, we work with your design team and the authorities having jurisdiction to enable your goals.

Atrium smoke control
A rational analysis is required for atriums to verify that the design provides a safe environment for building occupants during a fire. During design, we prepare a rational analysis for smoke control and work with the design team to modify the design as needed. We also review plans to ensure that the fire alarm, smoke control, and fire protection systems are coordinated and aligned with the atrium fire strategy. During construction, we review relevant RFIs/submittals, conduct pre-testing of the atrium fire/life safety systems, and perform special inspections of the smoke control system through our partner company UBSL.

Stair pressurization rational analysis
A rational analysis will help ensure the systems are right-sized for the design of your building and the local climate. Without a rational analysis, you run the risk of the system exceeding the minimum/maximum pressure requirements during special inspection — resulting in potentially significant delays to correct the issue. We provide the rational analysis using CONTAM which takes into account the building design, HVAC systems, and local climate. We also conduct pre-testing and special inspections of these systems.

Cantilevered building fire studies
Air rights transfers are becoming more common in New York City, often resulting in buildings designed with cantilevers over adjacent buildings. The City requires that a fire engineering analysis be completed by a qualified professional, typically a fire protection engineer, and that this be peer reviewed by a similarly qualified professional. We can provide either of these services. We also advise on code requirements for cantilevered buildings and lot line window requirements.

Life safety evaluation
Theaters, arenas, stadiums and other entertainment venues have complex fire/life safety code requirements. We provide code compliance services for new construction and existing conditions assessments, due diligence, or renovations of existing venues. Where a client wants to maximize occupancy of the venue, we can provide a timed egress study and life safety evaluation to help accomplish this goal while also providing a safe environment for patrons, performers, and staff.

Fire evacuation modeling
We provide fire and evacuation modeling for a variety of applications. Modeling can be used to verify performance of life safety systems for approvals as well as to optimize the design of these systems to be cost effective and better integrated with the architectural design. Evacuation modeling can also be used to better understand pedestrian circulation including identifying pinch points and other issues with the circulation paths and evacuation routes in a building.

Fire Alarm Services

With our fire alarm and code expertise and trusted relationships with the FDNY, we minimize defects and objections during design and construction. If a defect does occur, we offer guidance on having it resolved as seamlessly as possible. We can professionally certify corrected defects and prepare affidavits for TCO to expedite occupancy of a building or tenant space.

Our goal is to assist our clients in enabling a smooth and timely fire alarm inspection and approvals process. Our team comprises experts in fire alarm and fire protection including licensed fire protection engineers and NICET IV fire alarm technicians.

Fire alarm plan review
Once the Engineer of Record has completed the fire alarm drawings, we conduct fire alarm plan reviews to help reduce or eliminate FDNY plan review objections and to identify cost-saving opportunities before the project is bid to contractors.

Fire alarm pre-inspection
Once the fire alarm system is installed, we conduct a walkthrough of the building to verify that the system has been installed in conformance with the approved plans. Once the system has been tested, we lead a pre-inspection to verify that the system is operating as designed and is ready for FDNY inspection.

FDNY fire inspection
We schedule and coordinate the FDNY fire inspections, and we attend the inspections to answer questions and better understand any issues identified so that we can help the client resolve these items in a timely manner.

Resilience and Emergency Preparedness

In addition to understanding the risks your organization faces, it’s important to have a clear and easy-to-follow plan of action should a disaster occur. We develop plans to protect your people from a variety of natural and man-made hazards and enable effective fire fighting operations. Building owners and tenants are typically responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining these plans to meet the Fire Code.

Fire safety / emergency action plan
We develop comprehensive fire safety / emergency action plans for a range of events, including fire, explosion, biological, chemical or nuclear incident, medical emergency, wildfire, severe weather, earthquake, active shooter incident, bomb threat, suspicious package, and more. We develop these plans in accordance with Fire Code requirements while also considering the specific risks and needs of the client.

Fire safety and evacuation plans
Similarly for buildings that do not require a comprehensive FS/EAP, we can prepare a fire safety and evacuation plan to meet the owners or tenants’ obligation under the Fire Code.

Fire protection plans
Fire protection plans are required for various buildings by code including high-rise buildings, places of assembly, and other alteration projects. We provide the required fire protection plans including floor plans and a narrative of the safety systems and features to ensure your building is in compliance.

Special Inspections

Our goal is to help our clients occupy their spaces according to schedule. Together with our partners UBSL, we offer special inspections required by any construction project, including new builds and alterations. Banksia’s niche expertise offers value to clients in complex safety-related areas.

  • Sprinkler system inspection
  • Smoke control special inspections
  • Firestop inspection
  • Standpipe systems
  • Sprayed fire-resistant materials
  • Mastic and intumescent fire-resistant coatings
  • Fire-resistant penetrations and joints

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