Instead of waiting 7 weeks for an FDNY reinspection, learn how affidavits help to get your TCO sooner.

Why is this important?

Getting a temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) allows a space to be occupied and is a critical milestone for any construction project. To get a TCO, the fire alarm system needs to be inspected and approved by the FDNY. There are two ways to do this – an FDNY Letter of Approval (LOA) or an affidavit. To get an LOA, an FDNY re-inspection is needed, and the current wait time is 7 weeks. A professional affidavit provides a faster alternative that can enable a project to get a TCO up to 6 weeks sooner.

How can I get an affidavit for TCO?

After the FDNY inspection, the inspector will issue a Notice of Defect. The registered design professional will work with the project team and contractor to correct the defects and then test the fire alarm system to verify the defects have been corrected. Once verified, the registered design professional will prepare an affidavit documenting the correction of defects and submit it to DOB. Affidavits must be prepared by a registered design professional, typically with expertise in fire alarm systems and code compliance.

Is an FDNY re-inspection still needed to receive a letter of approval (LOA)?

Yes, an FDNY re-inspection is still needed to receive an LOA. Alternatively, professional certification of defects is allowed to be performed by an S-99 Certificate of Fitness Holder, where permitted on the Notice of Defect. This can save time and the added cost of re-inspection. Read more about professional certification of defects in our article: Getting your Letter of Approval: Certification of Letter of Defects.

How can Banksia help?

Banksia can perform all the items above including preparing affidavits, professional certification of corrected defects and supporting tasks such as pre-testing, requestion and attending FDNY inspections. We work proactively with the project team and contractors to get a TCO and LOA.

About Banksia:

Banksia is a fire protection and life safety consulting and inspections firm in New York City. We serve clients in commercial real estate, energy, industrial, residential, science, and more to create spaces that meet their goals — and meet all compliance requirements.

Peter Linden

About Peter Linden

Peter brings over 20 years of experience in fire alarm design, installation, service, and consulting. He has many years of operations and construction management. Peter has managed installation projects in all sectors including institutional facilities, high rise commercial, and residential buildings. Peter is certified NICET Level 4 in fire alarm systems, project management professional (PMP), and licensed in the State of New York to service and install fire alarm systems.