FDNY now allows letter of defects to be professionally certified in lieu of FDNY re-inspection.

Why is this important?

Prior to this new rule you would have to request another inspection and wait up to 8 weeks for the FDNY to reinspect the corrected items and issue a Letter of Approval. Now you can retain a qualified firm to professionally certify the corrected defects without the need for an additional FDNY inspection. 

What can be certified by the installation and engineering team?

When you receive a Letter of Defect, the letter will state if you are eligible for professional certification (see the checkbox at the bottom of the letter). 

An FDNY reinspection is still required for the following items:  

  • Emergency alarm systems
  • Emergency power switchover
  • Firefighter service (Phase 1 and Phase 2), including elevator recall operation
  • Fan shut down affecting operation of more than 20% of fan systems
  • Fire shutter operation
  • Power riser (including fire rating requirements)
  • Primary power supply connection (including connection after building disconnect)
  • Smoke control operation
  • Sprinkler water flow switches and other non-sprinkler fire extinguishing system activation devices
  • Stair pressurization

Additionally, if the number of defects exceeds 10 in low rise buildings or 20 in high-rise, an FDNY reinspection is required. The Letter of Defect must be professionally certified or submit a request for re-inspection within 90 days. 

How can Banksia help?

We are FDNY-certified to provide professional certification of defects. For more information on certification of defects and other fire alarm questions, please contact Peter Linden at plinden@banksiafire.com

About Banksia:

Banksia is a fire protection and life safety consulting firm located in New York City. We work with clients in commercial real estate, energy, industrial, residential, science, and more to create spaces that meet their goals — and meet all compliance requirements.

Peter Linden

About Peter Linden

Peter brings over 20 years of experience in fire alarm design, installation, service, and consulting. He has many years of operations and construction management. Peter has managed installation projects in all sectors including institutional facilities, high rise commercial, and residential buildings. Peter is certified NICET Level 4 in fire alarm systems, project management professional (PMP), and licensed in the State of New York to service and install fire alarm systems.